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We are currently in-network providers with Blue Cross Blue Shield Aetna, FirstCare, PHCS/MultiPlan, Medicare, and most of the Medicare supplemental insurance plans. 

Many insurance policies provide re-imbursement for out-of-network expenses. If you have an insurance company that is not listed above, we are happy to provide itemized statements for you to submit to your insurance for re-imbursement.

Most HSA or FSA funds can be used for chiropractic care, regardless of whether we are in-network providers for your insurance or not.
The cost can vary depending on a few factors:

Is your treatment related to an auto accident? Auto insurance policies will frequently cover medical expenses related to an auto accident.

Do you have any health insurance? If we are in-network providers with your health insurance, most services should be covered under your co-pay.

What do we need to do? If your condition only requires a few adjustments, it will cost less than if your condition requires a lot of adjustments, therapies, exams, and x-rays.

We will discuss all fees with you before we do anything that will incur a charge. We do offer small discounts for prompt payment. After your initial appointment, we will come up with a course of action for your condition. On your second visit, we will give you those recommendations and discuss the cost.
We are as gentle as possible with our patients. We don’t want to hurt you; we want to get you better. Sometimes patients might feel a little bit of soreness after the first one or two adjustments – that doesn’t happen for every patient, but it does happen to some.

When we have something that has been stuck out of place for a few days (or years) and we start to get it moving again, we will get more nerve signal traveling through the neural foramen of the spine. Occasionally that “increased signal” might be a pain signal. It doesn’t mean that something went wrong, but it does mean that we need to keep working to reduce inflammation and stabilize the joint.
It is our goal to keep your spine healthy for your entire lifetime. We want you to be able to live an active, healthy life. Some of our practice members are with us for a short period of time, and some are with us for decades because they want to maintain their health.

It is our job to evaluate your spine, share our findings, and give you recommendations to correct any issues that we find. You then have the freedom to follow those recommendations or not.
We prefer to schedule appointments so that we can spend the proper amount of time on each appointment. Please contact our office at (979) 776-2828 or fill out one of the forms on our website, and we will get you scheduled as soon as possible.
The activator is a mechanized instrument that delivers a quick thrust to the bones that we want to shift around. For some of our patients, the activator is sufficient to achieve the adjustment that we want; for other patients, we use the activator to help loosen the joint prior to manual adjusting.

The activator is especially useful for our oldest and youngest patients, and in cases where we might be concerned about joint stability such as following an auto accident or another injury.
We do not have a massage therapist on staff, but we have found several wonderful massage therapists here in town that we can recommend. Please call our office at (979) 776-2828 and we will be happy to pass along names and phone numbers.
A subluxation is a condition in which one or more bones are slightly out of place.

In your body, the brain controls everything that happens. All your internal organs, all your muscles, all your blood vessels, every single cell in your body gets control from the brain through the nerve system. The spinal cord carries messages down the spine, and in between every set of bones we have a set of nerves that exit from the spinal cord and carry communication to all the parts of the body.

When we have a subluxation, it will put abnormal pressure on the nerves that exit from the spinal cord. When we put pressure on a nerve, the nerve will not be able to communicate properly; poor communication between the brain and the body can lead to numbness and tingling, muscle spasm or muscle weakness, or possibly internal organ dysfunction. Additionally, we might experience a pain signal. Pain is the fire alarm of the body – it tells us to pay attention to a problem.

When we correct subluxations, we are improving the communication between the brain and every single cell in your body.


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