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On your first visit, we will do a detailed history and a thorough examination to fully evaluate your condition. Unless you are pregnant or under 13 years old, we will probably want to do x-rays. If necessary and warranted, we may do gentle therapeutic modalities such as ultrasound stimulation therapy or electrical muscle stimulation therapy to decrease pain, decrease inflammation, and reduce abnormal muscle tension.

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We will probably not do an adjustment on your first visit.
After your initial visit, one of our doctors will study the results of the examination and x-rays, and formulate a plan to address any issues that we find. We will schedule a second appointment to show you your x-rays and give you our recommendations.
We believe that your health is too important to take shortcuts. There are plenty of chiropractors who will do one quick adjustment for you; if that’s what you are looking for, then we would encourage you to find one of the other wonderful chiropractors in the B/CS area.
Because we do such a detailed examination on your first visit, we set aside special times for new patient appointments. We also set aside special times to do a report on the second visit, so that we can thoroughly discuss the findings of the x-rays and examination. Once we are finished with the first two appointments, we are able to schedule regular adjusting visits earlier in the mornings or later in the afternoons.
Unless there is insurance coverage, the first visit will cost $150 for adults, $125 for ages 12-17, and $75 for those younger than 12.
Call (979) 776-2828 to schedule a first visit, or fill out the form and we will contact you as soon as possible during business hours.
Call: (979) 776-2828
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