Low back pain is a widespread problem. According to the Health Policy Institute of Georgetown University, an estimated 65 million Americans have had a recent episode of low back pain. Unfortunately, low back pain is also the number one reason someone might receive a prescription for an opioid medication.

Low back pain is miserable. It interferes with everything that you want to be able to do. At Stephenson Chiropractic Center, we want to restore full function to your spine.

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The first step is a comprehensive assessment to determine the source of your pain, so that we can treat the root cause. There are several conditions that may produce low back pain, and we want to make sure we are working towards the right goal.

On your first visit, we will do a thorough history, detailed examination, and x-rays to evaluate your spine. We will not do x-rays on pregnant women, and we will carefully consider whether x-rays are necessary for children. On your second visit, we will show you your x-rays and discuss the results of your examination in a report of findings.

Treatment visits will always include an evaluation and adjustment by a chiropractor. We may also incorporate other therapeutic treatments such as ultrasound therapy, electrical muscle stimulation therapy, mechanical traction, spinal decompression traction, stretches and exercises, kinesiotaping, or bracing.

As we go through a course of treatment, we want to teach patients how to take care of their spine at home. We may discuss changes to your computer workstation, ways to relieve pain while sitting, proper movement patterns when bending and lifting, sleeping positions, foods and supplements that can help build healthy bones and cartilage, and more.

By realigning the spine and addressing underlying issues, chiropractic treatment can help patients return to full function without the need for pain medications and their potential side effects.

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