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Who Do You Trust?

I’m going to let you in on a not-so-secret secret: the health industry doesn’t always agree about what it takes to get and keep people healthy.

There are research studies that show that coffee is good for you, and studies that show that coffee is bad for you. There are studies that show that red wine is good for you, and studies that show that red wine is bad for you. There are studies that indicate that whole grains are essential for heart health, and studies that show that all grains are bad for you.

So who do you believe? Who do you follow? What actually works?

The most honest answer: listen to your body.

I know that that sounds weird to most people… when we start talking about this concept with practice members, they get really skeptical. “Listen to your body” sounds like crystals and voodoo to the general public, because they have been taught - either explicitly or implicitly - to only trust modern medicine. The constant messaging from commercials, advertisers, social media, friends, and family members is that you CANNOT be healthy without a medical doctor’s consent.

“Talk to your doctor about…” is repeated to us more than any other phrase on tv, and now those ads are infiltrating your instagram/twitter/facebook/tiktok feeds. If you actually talk to your primary care provider, you will find out that they desperately want you to take control of your own health by making healthy choices.

Put down your phone at a decent hour and go to sleep. Stay hydrated. Move your body. Etc. You don’t need anyone’s permission to do those things.

But back to the original point: your body is communicating to you all the time.

Is your skin irritated? Your body is communicating something to you. Are you having trouble sleeping? Your body is communicating something to you.

Is red wine good for you? How do you feel the day after you drink it?

Are whole grains good for you? How do you feel after you eat them?

When people come into our office, we will do a thorough examination and evaluation that assesses multiple systems of the body - not just the spine. In our modern society, the vast majority of people entering our office are dealing with subclinical or full-blown problems in several different areas.

After we begin working on correcting subluxations, we will have practice members take a survey of their health. It’s called the Healthy Human Evaluation, and it comes from Dr. Marcia Schaefer’s practice. If there are areas that need help, we will start working on lifestyle changes to take steps towards health and full function.

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